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Cambridge Apiaries

We run apiaries with three generations of family beekeeping experience.

Our bees are healthy and have been doing very well these last few seasons.

We split our colonies of bees, breed queens and create nucleus boxes for your needs. If you have an empty hive in your garden, we can supply bees for you, or if you need help organising a new hive, we can give advice and help you to start up your new colony. In our apiaries we have three kinds of honey bees that are found in Cambridgeshire:

  1. A local hybrid of dark wild bees and Buckfast bees

  2. Buckfast bees

  3. Carniolan bees

We are always improving the genetic integrity of our bees by selecting and introducing into our stock wild bees that have survived without human intervention in their natural habitat for years. These wild bees are strong and resistant to bee diseases. They are adapted to the local conditions for living including available food sources, native plants and climatic conditions.

We save wild bees and remove their colonies only if it is necessary.

In our apiaries we don't use any treatment chemicals. 

We work with bees as close to natural beekeeping practices as possible. Our bees are kept in conditions similar to that in nature. This is Darwinian Beekeeping (a term created by Professor Thomas D Seeley of Cornell University).

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