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About Us


Bees are our passion and we've been keeping bees for three generations.

Our traditions and experience gives us a strong foundation to create and manage a sound and balanced nature friendly beekeeping operation.

With the wild environment shrinking and agriculture using pesticides, many bees and pollinators are dying so we would like help the ecosystem and encourage beginning beekeepers. We try to promote agriculture and gardening free of chemicals. We try to work with bees as close to natural beekeeping practices as possible. Our bees are kept in conditions similar to that in nature.

With every season we discover something new from the life of bees and we learn from them about the precious world we all belong to. Thanks to bees we learn something more of our human existance.

Bees are key for our ecosystem because of their role as pollinators and life creators.
You can help and support our beekeeping operation with saving and breeding wild genetically strong honeybees. This is a vital step towards protecting our planet.

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