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Beekeepers needs

Besides advice (which we do for beginners) every beekeeper needs basic beekeeping equipment which we can provide and give support for.
We offer fully assembled and painted National Standard hives. These comprise a base with open mesh floor and landing platform, one brood box, a plastic queen excluder, two super honey boxes (The three boxes each contain 11 Hoffman frames with wired wax foundation), a top crown cover board, a plastic round rapid feeder topped by a roof with galvanised metal cover complete the hive.

We also offer new Paynes polystyrene painted nuc boxes, ready for bees to be put inside; these come with six wax foundation Hoffman brood frames.

Additionally, we offer the necessary tools and beekeepers suits and hats.

Finally, you may be interested in our selection of unique specialist books on beekeeping.

Let’s begin an adventure with bees!

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